Travis Porter – Make It Rain (Electro Remix)

Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain” has been setting off the urban clubs for a minute now, but a lot of people still aren’t up on it yet.  This makes it a good category for a remix, since there’s nothing worse than getting lost in a pile of 135252 shitty remixes of whatever popular song is on the radio.  So here it is in all its electro glory, the Make It Rain remix (130 BPM):


Bmore Classic EP

I love classic rock.  I also love a good baltimore club banger.  I’ve now combined the two in an easy-to-drink package, here for your download & adding into ipods/serato sets.  Also, I’m spinning at the Mustache Party at Ottobar in Baltimore April 9th, so stop by if you’re in the area!  Special thanks to Dj James Nasty for hookin it up!

Motown Electronic – Free EP


Despite a catastrophic hard drive failure and having to fend off several flesh eating zombie attacks, I have completed and am now releasing my new remix EP, Motown Electronic.  As you might expect from the title, it is the sounds of Motown remixed with my own dance-flavored production.  Some of the tracks are pretty heavily electro styled, and some of them take after my affinity for 90s dance production, complete with progressive percussion and epic filter sweeps.   Click on the pic or a link to download the whole EP for free!


Download Link: Click Here (Zshare)

Alternate Download Link: Click Here (Drop Box)

You can also preview/download each track individually below


1. Shotgun (Dj Doc Rok vs Jr Walker & The Allstars)

2. Uptight! (Dj Doc Rok vs. Stevie Wonder)

3. Shadows of Love (Dj Doc Rok vs. The Four Tops)

4. Smiling Faces (Dj Doc Rok vs. The Temptations)

5. Do You Love Me (Dj Doc Rok vs. The Contours)

6. Tracks of my Tears (Dj Doc Rok vs. The Miracles)

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Pop Champagne!

Brand new remix of Ron Brownz “Pop Champagne” record that has been ubiquitous in the clubs and radio lately… and I have to say I think I made this song a lot better, especially watching the video.  Its hilarious to see everyone moving at fast forward speed dancing and having a good time!

Download Here

She’s Not There

So it’s been a while since I posted something new, but I’m starting it back up again.  I’m also working on a video, and you may hear some of my music in a few new shows on TV. While I am still searching for a record deal with a reputable indie dance label, I will be putting out new releases independently, on the regular!  Here’s a taste, with “She’s Not There”… Epic synth madness!

Download “She’s Not There” Here


Alternate Link Here

Down South Electro-Hip Hop Megamix!

Okay, so this is pretty old, one of my first dance tracks, but it still seems to be pretty popular with a lot of people, so I thought I’d repost it with the video edit which is definitely fun to watch.

Download Here

Awesome Video Edit:

The Killing Floor – Remix EP

In what will probably be my last remix-related post for a while, I’m putting out a free EP collection of remixes I’ve done over the last 6 months to a year.  I’m working on an original EP and LP and most of my future efforts will be dedicated to that, so that’s when things should really get interesting.  Until then, enjoy:

Download Dj Doc Rok – The Killing Floor EP

Click Here for alternate download link