Bangers & Mash – Full English Breakfast EP

So here is the full collaboration project I’ve done with UK rappers Jeye Severe called Full English Breakfast. It’s a really left-field EP of hip hop bangers, futuristic dub crossovers, and the dude can sing too. Check it out below:


Doc Rok’s Party Anthem!

Things have been pretty busy for me lately with non-music related life stuff, but I did just finish a really fun track that I’m calling my Party Anthem because its perfect for hyping up any (awesome) party, baltimore club style.

Free one way plane ticket to Afghanistan if you can name all the samples in it!

Dj Doc Rok’s Party Anthem




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Video Premiere + Futurecop! Live This Sunday at DC9!

I know this is a case of the chicken-before the egg, but I am premiering my first music video this Sunday at DC9.  The video is for my song called Take It To The Streets, which just for shits, I’ll leak right here, right now:

Dj Doc Rok – Take It To The Streets (Single Version)

Futurecop! from London will also be performing live, so really, this is probably the best possible way to spend your Sunday!  Doors are at 8, and I’ll be doing a DJ set too.

The video was shot and edited by DC’s own Production 6 make sure you check him out!


Hit me up with any questions!

Down South Electro-Hip Hop Megamix!

Okay, so this is pretty old, one of my first dance tracks, but it still seems to be pretty popular with a lot of people, so I thought I’d repost it with the video edit which is definitely fun to watch.

Download Here

Awesome Video Edit:

My Forté

So my friend and favorite internet celebrity, Marina AKA Hotforwords has posted another awesome video using one of my beats, check it out!

Also, I know things have been quiet from me lately, but I am working on a very exciting EP project to be released imminently!

The Pop Life

Here is a 20 minute pop-club-Hot 99.5 mix I did for some club owners/promoters a little while back to check out my mad skillz on the turntables, yo. Anyway, I figured a few of ya’ll out there might like this sort of thing as well, so you can listen/download it too. Uptempo & good for a quick workout.

Radio Mix – Download Here

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Dj Doc Rok on Hot For Words!

Check out my music cameo on Hot For Words’ latest video!

And subscribe to her videos, they are great. Matter of fact subscribe to my videos as well, they’re great too!

Thanks Marina 😀

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