Ignant Ass Mixtape Vol. 1

Everyone wants to get a little ignant now and then.  Maybe you’re on the way to the club, maybe you’re not feelin your job today, maybe you just broke up with your girl and you feel like smacking someone.  Maybe you’re just ignant.  This mix is for those times.  This is an actual MIX of some of the best in the worst ignorant rap songs out there right now.  This is also only Volume 1, so if you have suggestions for ignorant songs that make you want to punch a kitten, throw garbage on the side of the road, or sag your pants, let me know. If you are of a timid disposition, this is probably not for you.  It’s loud, angry, and generally menacing to anyone associating with proper society.  Fuck off.  It’s time to get IGNANT!!!

Ignant Ass Mix by djdocrok 



1.     Dj Doc Rok Intro

2.     Freeze Me – Yung Dro ft. Gucci Mane & T.I.

3.     Birds – Shawty Lo ft. Gucci Mane

4.     Gretsky – Jim Jones

5.     Home Run – Juelz Santana ft. Lil Wayne

6.     Pourin Up – Pimp C ft. Mike Jones & Bun B

7.     Yeah Ya Know – T.I.

8.     I Salute You – Project Pat ft. Lil Reno & BP’z

9.     Bang – Wacka Flocka

10. Trap Talk – Gucci Mane

11. Death B4 Dishonor – Young Jeezy

12. Loud – OJ Da Juiceman

13. Dollar Signs – 3-6 Mafia ft. Rick Ross

14. Gonorrhea – Lil Wayne

15. Body Marked Up – Willy Northpole

16.  Ain’t No – 8Ball & MJG

17.  Jizzle – Young Jeezy ft. Lil Jon

18.  I’m Heavy – City Paper

19.  What’s Real – Shawty Redd

20.  Pledge Allegiance to the Swag – T.I. ft. Rick Ross

21.  For My Town – Birdman ft. Drake & Lil Wayne

22.  Start It Up – Lloyd Banks ft. Kanye West, Swizz Beats & Fabolous

23.  Black & Yellow – Whiz Khalifa


The Killing Floor – Remix EP

In what will probably be my last remix-related post for a while, I’m putting out a free EP collection of remixes I’ve done over the last 6 months to a year.  I’m working on an original EP and LP and most of my future efforts will be dedicated to that, so that’s when things should really get interesting.  Until then, enjoy:

Download Dj Doc Rok – The Killing Floor EP

Click Here for alternate download link

Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain – Got Money (Dj Doc Rok Dance Remix)

If you’re getting mugged from e’rybody you see, then hang over the wall of the VIP like…

Download my house remix of Got Money now!  It’s better than a chocolate fudge cake stuffed with twinkies!

Click Here to download!

Caspa Ft. Lil Flip – Blow Ya Whistle – Prod. By Dj Doc Rok

So my homie Caspa in Michigan just got his single back from Lil Flip who blessed him with a feature, and the shit is fiyah! And I’m not just saying that b/c I made the beat, they did they thing on the track.

Listen: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=6549974&q=hi
Download: http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/y2zbtl

Make sure you check out the homie Caspa’s Myspace

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