First Release From My New & Best Project Ever!

I haven’t released much new stuff in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m not hard at work behind the scenes! I have been focused on what is definitely the most exciting and best project I’ve worked on to date, a collaboration project with UK rapper Jeye Severe. With his rapping and my production, we’ve formed “Bangers & Mash,” a delectable and eclectic mix of UK rap with American production sensibility. I’m excited to present this little morsel from the mixtape we’re working on, “Full English Breakfast” for your audio pleasure:

It’s free to download (just tap the little down area on the right side of the player) and share with friends! Soundcloud has all sorts of cool widgets for posting on various sites and I fully encourage the use of them!
The scratches are by DC’s own impeccable turntablist, DJ Trayze.


New Party! 90’s Classics!

Me and my boy Dj Trayze are throwing a new party on Sundays here in the DC area.  It’s going to be 90’s hip hop and dance classics, so you know we’re gonna be bringing the heat!  Click here and join the facebook group!

First date is March 15th at Lucky Bar, it’s the Shredder vs. Splinter party, woo woo!!  Free all night and stupid dope drink specials again (especially for the “Ooze”!)


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