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Motown Electronic – Free EP


Despite a catastrophic hard drive failure and having to fend off several flesh eating zombie attacks, I have completed and am now releasing my new remix EP, Motown Electronic.  As you might expect from the title, it is the sounds of Motown remixed with my own dance-flavored production.  Some of the tracks are pretty heavily electro styled, and some of them take after my affinity for 90s dance production, complete with progressive percussion and epic filter sweeps.   Click on the pic or a link to download the whole EP for free!


Download Link: Click Here (Zshare)

Alternate Download Link: Click Here (Drop Box)

You can also preview/download each track individually below


1. Shotgun (Dj Doc Rok vs Jr Walker & The Allstars)

2. Uptight! (Dj Doc Rok vs. Stevie Wonder)

3. Shadows of Love (Dj Doc Rok vs. The Four Tops)

4. Smiling Faces (Dj Doc Rok vs. The Temptations)

5. Do You Love Me (Dj Doc Rok vs. The Contours)

6. Tracks of my Tears (Dj Doc Rok vs. The Miracles)

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Epic Dance Party

This Friday, 2/20 at the Rock N Roll Hotel!

1353 H St NE, Washington, DC

In addition to the crunkular tunes and awesome vibes, billionaire playboy banker Ratt Moze is bringing 2 cases of FREE CHAMPAGNE for everyone who gets there before 11pm, so get there early!

Free to get in!  Free champagne!  These prices are so low, people are calling me CCccCrrRRRaaZZzzzyYYY!!!


ElectroLove and Heartbreak


This Valentines Day!  Dj Doc Rok + Dj Jackie-O will be throwing down at the Rock N Roll Hotel for an awesome party!

This even is open to all ages and is only $5!  Only $5 for all the dancing you can handle!  Also there will be drink specials! And gratitous use of exclamation points! for more info!

New Mashup

Okay, so I don’t usually do this but since my friends over at Culture Bully were putting together a big end-of-the-year compilation of mash-up tunes I figured why not.  So here is T.I. and Does it Offend You, Yeah? mashed up together for some party-fun times, and also check out the whole album over at their site.

Dj Doc Rok – T.I. vs Does it Offend You, Yeah? – My Life As A Rockstar


Culture Bully Full Posting Here

Pop Champagne!

Brand new remix of Ron Brownz “Pop Champagne” record that has been ubiquitous in the clubs and radio lately… and I have to say I think I made this song a lot better, especially watching the video.  Its hilarious to see everyone moving at fast forward speed dancing and having a good time!

Download Here

Saturday August 2nd!

The debut of my new dance party is tomorrow night in DC, so if you’re in town and looking for the best/most fun/party with the most shiny inflatable arm flailing tube men, then this is where you should be!

Free to get in!