Bangers & Mash – Full English Breakfast EP

So here is the full collaboration project I’ve done with UK rappers Jeye Severe called Full English Breakfast. It’s a really left-field EP of hip hop bangers, futuristic dub crossovers, and the dude can sing too. Check it out below:


First Release From My New & Best Project Ever!

I haven’t released much new stuff in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m not hard at work behind the scenes! I have been focused on what is definitely the most exciting and best project I’ve worked on to date, a collaboration project with UK rapper Jeye Severe. With his rapping and my production, we’ve formed “Bangers & Mash,” a delectable and eclectic mix of UK rap with American production sensibility. I’m excited to present this little morsel from the mixtape we’re working on, “Full English Breakfast” for your audio pleasure:

It’s free to download (just tap the little down area on the right side of the player) and share with friends! Soundcloud has all sorts of cool widgets for posting on various sites and I fully encourage the use of them!
The scratches are by DC’s own impeccable turntablist, DJ Trayze.

Travis Porter – Make It Rain (Electro Remix)

Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain” has been setting off the urban clubs for a minute now, but a lot of people still aren’t up on it yet.  This makes it a good category for a remix, since there’s nothing worse than getting lost in a pile of 135252 shitty remixes of whatever popular song is on the radio.  So here it is in all its electro glory, the Make It Rain remix (130 BPM):

Bmore Classic EP

I love classic rock.  I also love a good baltimore club banger.  I’ve now combined the two in an easy-to-drink package, here for your download & adding into ipods/serato sets.  Also, I’m spinning at the Mustache Party at Ottobar in Baltimore April 9th, so stop by if you’re in the area!  Special thanks to Dj James Nasty for hookin it up!

Doc Rok’s Party Anthem!

Things have been pretty busy for me lately with non-music related life stuff, but I did just finish a really fun track that I’m calling my Party Anthem because its perfect for hyping up any (awesome) party, baltimore club style.

Free one way plane ticket to Afghanistan if you can name all the samples in it!

Dj Doc Rok’s Party Anthem




Don’t forget the downloads page for more free downloads!

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Video Premiere + Futurecop! Live This Sunday at DC9!

I know this is a case of the chicken-before the egg, but I am premiering my first music video this Sunday at DC9.  The video is for my song called Take It To The Streets, which just for shits, I’ll leak right here, right now:

Dj Doc Rok – Take It To The Streets (Single Version)

Futurecop! from London will also be performing live, so really, this is probably the best possible way to spend your Sunday!  Doors are at 8, and I’ll be doing a DJ set too.

The video was shot and edited by DC’s own Production 6 make sure you check him out!


Hit me up with any questions!

Interview With

Marcus Dowling has a very well written music blog called True Genius Requires Insanity, and recently interviewed me for his Mixtape Monday series.  Check out the full article following the jump:

“So I can’t even lie. I like DJs that have the same take on their work as I had for the most part of the last five years about pro wrestling. It’s all about the hustle, it’s all about the road, it’s all about being viral, being present, getting known and making your way through hard work and unusually high levels of dedication. This week’s artist, DC’s DJ Doc Rok is such an individual. I particularly feel that you should be aware of this man because he’s smart, talented, opinionated, and puts out a shitload of really sonically interesting and highly entertaining remix projects, ranging from the amazing “American Zeppelin” Jay-Z/Led Zeppelin combo, to the “Biggie Hendrix” Notorious B.I.G./Jimi Hendrix project, and the vastly underrated “50 Cent’s Golden Oldies, where is the only place you’ll ever get the surprisingly ILL combo of 50 Cent and Booker T and the MGs.

His latest and in my mind greatest project, Motown Electronic earns him a spot here though, as it’s definitely showing a broadening by Doc Rok into the realm of the dance…”

Read The Full Article Here


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