Dj Doc Rok is a Dj/Producer currently residing in the Washington, DC area. Creator of American Zeppelin and Biggie Hendrix remix projects his work has also been featured on numerous shows on MTV, VH1 and Oxygen Networks. This blog was started in part to keep consistent updates of new music projects and files and in part to warn humanity of its impending doom at the hands of cyborg manatee killers that will invade in 2012. You have been warned.

If you want something you don’t see here, or need more information on something, or want to do an interview, or work on a project, or are just feeling lonely and need someone to email, contact me:

Contact Email: djdocrok(at)

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  1. Doc Rok!

    You got some tight remixes homie! I would like to link your site as one of my friends. Holla at me asap…

    DJ Ron Love

  2. Hey djjj
    you got some REAL TIGHT remixes
    i looove all your vids,and already downloaded a lot of your music.
    but i cant find a lot of your remixes that you have on youtube on your page
    i ‘d like to download them!! but how??:D
    pls answer mee

  3. Hi sry that i write the answer of email here..
    but my email blocks US adresses :S

    Crank Dat Batman remix
    M.I.A ft Chamillionaire & Ludacris: Boyz
    Dirty South Rokout House Megamix
    Sexual Healing
    Jay Z & Led Zeppelin Dreamin/ When the Levee Breaks
    MIMS This is Why Iā€™m hot
    50 Cent ft Jay-Z I get money
    Have you Got msn?
    I am from Switzerland so your remixes are already here šŸ˜›


  4. hi
    i think my email blocks all :S
    so send it to that address pls.
    THX very much,

  5. Hey Man, I talked to you at 930 club last night. What is your e-mail address?

  6. Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your site and I think you’re doing great work! I’ve added on my music blog to your site because your work deserves a wider audience! Your epic mixes are a lot like the stuff that I’ve been trying to do – mixing different genres and styles etc.

    My site is, I only just got it off the ground and so there’s only a lot of my older work on there but hopefully I will get the newer stuff up very soon.

    Take care, and keep up the great work!

  7. i have been warnig them about the manatees man. keep the word going.

  8. just wanted to show you the love you deserve!! stay true!! mucho besos!!

    your parties are hott!! i need to arrange something with you for my sister’s 21st birthday šŸ™‚

  9. yo, saw u 2nite at rock n roll. nice mix. much respect for playing that rye rye track, but even more respect for bouncin to beyonce when the crowd died. its all about keepin the energy up.

    i’ve been DJing for 7 yrs. i’m real into turntablism so maybe we can collab or something sometime. I haven’t dj’d for a yr and i’m trying to get back in:

    hit me back @ my email. we shud trade some tracks at least. u shud drop this rye rye song nxt time:

  10. hey dj doc rok, love your music. my favorite kind of music is classic rock and now seeing it fused with rap is just amazing. is there anyway i would be able to download your instrumentals?

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