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Marcus Dowling has a very well written music blog called True Genius Requires Insanity, and recently interviewed me for his Mixtape Monday series.  Check out the full article following the jump:

“So I can’t even lie. I like DJs that have the same take on their work as I had for the most part of the last five years about pro wrestling. It’s all about the hustle, it’s all about the road, it’s all about being viral, being present, getting known and making your way through hard work and unusually high levels of dedication. This week’s artist, DC’s DJ Doc Rok is such an individual. I particularly feel that you should be aware of this man because he’s smart, talented, opinionated, and puts out a shitload of really sonically interesting and highly entertaining remix projects, ranging from the amazing “American Zeppelin” Jay-Z/Led Zeppelin combo, to the “Biggie Hendrix” Notorious B.I.G./Jimi Hendrix project, and the vastly underrated “50 Cent’s Golden Oldies, where is the only place you’ll ever get the surprisingly ILL combo of 50 Cent and Booker T and the MGs.

His latest and in my mind greatest project, Motown Electronic earns him a spot here though, as it’s definitely showing a broadening by Doc Rok into the realm of the dance…”

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