I’m On Hotforwords (Again)!

So Marina from Hotforwords just did another video and used one of the tracks I sent her!  I also have to add a special thank you because I’ve seen a few other videos where the featured music only got 5 seconds of play, but so far I’ve been lucky enough to get at least a minute and a half (and in this one pretty much the whole beat!).  On a related note, please watch MTV’s new season of Making the Band as I have a lot of music on there and the more popular it is, the better it is for me! 🙂  Thanks again Marina!

Make sure you rate it 5 stars & subscribe!



  1. Thanks DJ Doc Rok! I always have trouble spelling your name.. it almost forces me to make a spoonerism.. I mean there is no k in doc.. but I keep putting it there as you leave out the c in rock… it really messes me up 🙂 Anyway… congrats on the MTV thing, I’ll be sure to watch it and try to pick out your music!

  2. Marina,
    Why don’t you ever show your sister?

    I bet your sister is way better looking than you are, that’s why you’re hiding her!

  3. No, she’s just shy…

    I’m the better looking
    one 🙂

  4. Better looking? Right!!!

    She told me that she was

    not an attention whore

    like you!

  5. Oh yeah? She had a
    YouTube channel before
    I had one! You can find
    her channel at

    Who’s the attention whore now?

  6. hotforwords versus hot4words…comment versus can’t comment…for real vs waiting to see, heh!

  7. I can’t believe my sister called me an attention whore.. she’s the attention whore! But she removed all of her videos to try to hide this fact!

  8. Marina.

    The attention that you receive is well deserved, afterall, you’re the expert; not only at philology, but also with education video production.

    I can’t imagine the amount of dedication and love you must have in your creation of these videos every day!!

    Great work and I’m looking forward to your future productions! 😉

    As for your sister….she needs to keep up to the challenge…we’ll have to see, lol!

  9. Thanks Matt! Though I am still going to kick my sister’s butt 🙂

  10. Kick you sister’s fanny, BIG TIME! 🙂

  11. So am I the only one here who realizes that marina’s sister is actually marina?
    Although I have to admit it’s a very clever marketing ploy; Create a disagreable sister and start ‘fighting’ with her to attract views. Well played….

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