Bike Week ’08

This was my first year at Bike Week in Myrtle Beach and it was quite an experience! I’ve never seen so many bikes, donks and girls in one place. The show on Friday with Big Daddy Kane got a boost by the unexpected arrival of rapper/actor DMX who got on stage and hyped up the crowd. I dropped the Ruff Ryders anthem and he gave an impromptu performance before going into the audience for Kane’s old skool rhyme dropping beatfest.

Big Daddy Kane Performs

Big Daddy Kane

Saturday we spent a busy day on the strip before hitting the Convention Center again for the live comedy show with George Wilborn and D.L. Hughley, who are both some funny ass dudes. Then it was off to the strip again before the pool party at 3rd Eye Ent’s exclusive beach house.

I’ll have some more new music up this week, and thanks to everyone supporting me on my latest project, 50 Cent’s Golden Oldies, make sure you check out what, Rolling Stone, and if you’re German, Nerdcore have to say about the project!

“Skittles” on 28s

There were a lot of these

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