50 Cent’s Golden Oldies Vol. 1

What do you get when you mix 50 Cent with your favorite golden oldies? Cheesy goodness like Kraft macaroni and cheese! My latest remix project combines 50 Cent with 1950’s (and some 60’s) classic oldies, from Dusty Springfield to Frankie Valli. Using the span of an entire decade allowed me a bit more freedom in composing the beats, so I think this one came out more well rounded than some of my previous ones. I also used a few songs from pre-fame, 1998 50 Cent which will probably go unappreciated by most people, but those who remember when 50 was just starting to buzz in NY will know whats up. Love him or hate him, he has some classic material and this album is a nice refresher on your favorite 50 songs.

Download 50 Cent’s Golden Oldies Vol. 1 Here!

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  1. nice work. in all seriosity.

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  3. Dude this shit is GREAT….

  4. and i thought that “vs’s” were a dying phenomenon that took itself painfully seriously

  5. Cool!!

  6. 🙂 great job, Anwsome atrwork. Real profesional, first I thought that is official compilation. “If i Can’t” is my favorite, thanks.

  7. great work.

  8. […] 50 Cent’s Golden Oldies, Volume 1 […]

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