A Brief History Of Time Post

Since this is my first post into the nefarious Blog-O-Sphere I figured I’d include a lot of my work that is already publicly available, in case you missed the memo and didn’t download it. If you came to this blog not knowing what it’s all about, I’m Dj Doc Rok known for my remixes, and hip hop/rock/dance production. American Zeppelin was widely distributed thanks to help from Perez Hilton and Biggie Hendrix was a big post due to a push from Boing Boing. I’d also like to thank the other blogs that consistently support my work like Panda Toes, Versus, and Vicarous among others. Also please sign up for my email list/subscribe to this blog, support independent artists etc etc etc

Head over to the downloads page (tabs at the top) to download everything!



  1. Yo bro….you are super talented. Keep on it man, you will be making it big one day on the national tip…

    Keep up the great work and you know I got your back!!!!!!

    DJ WheelMaster Rob
    XM Satellite Radio
    Caliente 94

  2. I just wanted to give you props, your mashups/remixes are completely dope (especially the Biggie Hendrix Experience & Sexual Healing Remix). You’ve got mad skills, thanks so much for making all this available for free, joo da man!

  3. American Zeppelin (Jay-Z/Led Zeppelin) + Biggie Hendrix (Notorious BIG/Jimi Hendrix… and one song from Clapton) are dead on sendspace.
    Any chance of updateing the download links?

  4. Yes, all the links on my Downloads page are updated to zshare links, thanks

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